Pool as the Ultimate Summer Relaxation Venue

Pool as the Ultimate Summer Relaxation Venue

Date: 22/05/2020

The most anticipated weather of the year, summer, is right around the corner. No one has ever been looking forward to summer this much. We all need quite a bit of rest and fun after months of self-isolation. Where can we have fun and relax with friends and family better than In Paradise Pool? Following the instructions of the Ministry of Health of RA, swimming pool, doors, furniture are regularly disinfected with special disinfectants. Each guest is provided with an alcohol-based napkin, the staff uses a variety of antiseptic products. We care about the safety and health of each of our customers.

The Paradise Pool is the ultimate venue where active and passive rest can be mixed. You want to just swim and sunbathe or throw crazy parties? Go to the pool! 


People do get tired of restaurant gatherings, especially in summer when we’re lying awake dreaming about the sea. Well, you’ve got to use the advantages of summer offers. How about throwing cool pool parties for a celebration of birthdays, family and friends gatherings, bachelorette days? Sounds fun, doesn’t it? If it doesn’t sound fun to you or you think a pool is only for a passive rest and swimming, then you haven’t read this article yet.

It all starts with an idea. Just a few crazy ideas, an open-air pool, and the fun are about to begin. What does it take to organize a crazy and interesting Pool Party? You just need to pick a date, list down your guests, and head to our Paradise Pool for an unforgettable day. If you need fun ideas and themes for amazing pool pirates, we’re about to help you right now.

Themes for open-air pool parties

The theme is the most important thing for the pool party. The party mood and the whole agenda is built around it.

If you are having a party with girls, you’re celebrating a girl’s birthday or bachelorette party, then themes of a barbie or a mermaid are perfect. They are also very cool for kid pool parties.

Pirate themes are so much fun with family and friends. Imagine everybody showing up in a pirate costume. That should not be missed.

Neon lights, cocktails, loud music, DJ, etc. That’s right, Vegas-themed party for youth! DJ is here at Paradise Pool every Sunday to give active musical rhythms to all of us.

լողավազանի ամրագրում

Reasons to combine fun with health benefits

Fun, of course, is very important, but everything is more ideal when the fun is combined with health benefits. Here are some reasons why you should choose this type of rest and what benefits does it have.

Ընդարձակ ամառային լողավազան

1. It helps to fight many mental and psychological problems easily. We do need it, especially after the lockdown for so long, right?

2. Visiting the pool encourages spending time with your family. It's a combination of fun and rest with your whole family.

3. Happiness hormones are produced when swimming in the pool, which is the guarantee of wellbeing.

4. What else can be more important when relaxing in the pool, if not a list of energetic food full of vitamins, and a variety of refreshing cocktails, which, of course, you can find in the menu of Paradise Pool.

Fun games for the pool

1. Let's name the first game "Water Bomb". The flow is the following. Participants jump into the water and the one that has the biggest traces of water coming out becomes the winner, or it can be done the opposite way, the smaller the traces the bigger is the chance to win.


2. “Find the gem”

This one needs a little preparation. You need coins, swimming goggles, and the ability to hold your breath underwater for a long time. You throw the coins to the bottom of the pool, for making it more confusing, you can throw a few coin-like items into the water. The one that collects the most coins during the set time becomes the winner.

3. “The battle”

This is a great game to play with kids, with at least 4 participants in the game. The game is as follows. The children sit on their fathers' shoulders and start fighting against each other in the pool, hitting each other with balloons. The one who loses his balance first and falls into the water loses.

4. “Hunt”

Various items are thrown into the water: your children's toys, dolls, objects that will not sink in the water. Upon hearing the moderator's whistle, all participants jump into the pool, and after the set time ends everyone comes out. The one with the most collected item wins.

5. More focus and concentration is needed for the next game. There is one referee in the game who asks questions while jumping into the water, such as "What color is the sky," "How many feet does a horse have," "What's your dog's name," "Who's our president?" These seem simple questions, but they are difficult to answer before jumping. If the question is answered incorrectly, the participant loses, and the one who answers the questions correctly wins.


We look forward to seeing you in Paradise Pool, where you will relax and have a great time with your loved ones.

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