Sauna, massage, jacuzzi, and more | Green Palace Hotel

Sauna, massage, jacuzzi, and more | Green Palace Hotel

Date: 02/12/2020

Sauna, massage, jacuzzi, and more. 48 hours rest in Yerevan

Sometimes rest becomes a necessity, especially these days. Green Palace has all the conditions for relaxation, whether you want to relax with your family or alone, cut off from the outside world and the news. So give yourself just 48 hours and you will feel how fast you recover and restore your energy with us.

Choose only the most comfortable of the rooms for you for 1, 2 or 3 rooms or a private room with a garage. The latter option is best suited for those who want to be completely cut off from the world, rest in complete peace, in silence.


After taking a look around your room, take a walk, and discover our spacious outdoor garden, which is beautiful at any time of the year. In every corner of our garden, you can find unique photo ideas that will perpetuate your unforgettable vacation.

Do you already feel the fresh breath of rest, then it is a real moment to gather a lot of energy because you are waiting for complete rest. During the most delicious hour of your rest, you have great opportunities to enjoy our chef's masterpieces. From snacks to hot meals, from a wide range of teas and coffees to cocktails and alcoholic beverages. Due to the variety of cuisine here you will find your favorite dish throughout this holiday. The most important thing is that you can rest in your room to enjoy breakfast or dinner, just order what you want and enjoy it without leaving. :)


There has never been a vacation in Green Palace without a sauna, and we will soon find out why everyone loves the sauna so much. Whether you start your morning on the right or left foot or end it after a stressful day at work, some feelings are better than post-workout euphoria. This is the feeling of massage, whether you are at rest or not. What is its super feature? Sweating is a natural way for the body to get rid of unwanted toxins. We all know that in the sauna our body sweats a lot.

massage yerevan

One of the main advantages of the Russian sauna is the massage with the use of brooms. It is scientifically proven that its use is a set of favorable conditions from the point of view of biology, physiology, medicine for the human body, and health. Massaging the body with broom strokes significantly improves blood circulation, and temperature contrast, as mentioned above, causes profuse sweating and improves metabolism. The essential oils contained in broomsticks have a special cosmetic value, which prevents premature aging of the body, it is not in vain that there is such a saying - “Whoever takes a steam bath does not age on that day”. 

You can read more about other benefits and contraindications of the sauna here. Here at Green Palace, you can find traditional and Finnish saunas.

It is the moment of final relaxation. An evening party is one of the most effective ways to consume the energy accumulated during the rest: cocktails, friends, music, dancing, lighting effects, high-quality audio system, yes, all this is just for you. The next morning - wake up to the soft and soothing music, after which prepare for a full day. In the morning take a walk in the fresh air through the garden, drink coffee or tea, after which the delicious breakfast invites you with its aroma.

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The choice of activities here is so great that we will present below some of them that can fill your last day of rest.
Large swimming pools, jacuzzi or water attraction, here the entertainment is intended not only for adults but also for children. Read about how useful swimming is and what you can do there.

Private room with Garage

To have a perfect rest, you should not forget about games. Big billiards fans will enjoy their vacation here. It may come as a surprise to you, but billiards has several advantages that will make you play billiards with more excitement. It helps to unwind, focus better, and so on.

Leave the final phase of your rest to the massage, all the negative charges that you have accumulated over the years will be replaced by positive emotions and charges. The massage at the end of the rest completely replenishes the positive energy received during the vacation. Mild, soothing music, and aromatherapy. The latter improves the quality of sleep, reduces stress and fatigue, etc. This is the perfect end to an ideal vacation.

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