Can rest be both healthy and tasty? | Green Palace Hotel

Can rest be both healthy and tasty? | Green Palace Hotel

Date: 30/07/2020

The summer heat, the rapid rise of the temperature “makes” everyone feel tired and exhausted, which should be prevented :). What do we need to make summer complete and not to waste summer in vain, if not complete rest?

Girl in a pool

If you think that summer is coming to an end and you haven't managed to plan your vacation yet, then we hasten to tell you that all you need is a good mood for planning your vacation, the rest we will provide at Green Palace. We all need to relax. Let’s refresh our bodies with soft drinks and nourish them with tasty dishes that are full of vitamins.

Summer Cocktail

One of the prerequisites for a good rest is the people with whom we spend time and the place where you will enjoy your leisure time. Paradise Pool is the ideal place to spend your summer vacation while enjoying delicious cuisine and refreshing drinks and cocktails. Here we provide everything for you to enjoy your vacation and have fun with your family and friends.  

We surely highlight the importance of food when going on a vacation. Vacations may differ with their menus, however, it is essential to choose healthily and at the same time appetizing dishes. We know how hard it can get sometimes to have dishes that everyone would like at the gatherings. This issue gets even complicated when the children are with us. This is why we need to choose a place where the cuisine is diverse, and if you’re reading this, then you know where that place is in the city. We have the solutions to all of these “problems” because our kitchen and bar are prepared to take into account the preferences of even the most capricious customer, whether they are vegetarian or practice a healthy lifestyle. 

Watermelon and feta cheese

Food is art, and when it gets combined with music, good mood, and a wide range of cocktails and drinks, the leisure time becomes perfect. The days get hot, which means that it is the right time for pool parties. You can have the craziest events, enjoy summer cocktails and delicious food at Paradise Pool. You can find more tips on pool parties in our blog

The secret of delicious dishes hides in its recipe, and it is said that the best seasoning is hunger. And what happens after entering the pool? We all get the feeling of hunger, which should be satisfied. 

At the bar of Paradies Pool, you can give freedom to your imagination and order a combination of flavors that you like. We can realize any of your crazy ideas.

sea food salad

Below you can check out the menu of our Paradies Pool, after which you will be convinced that one of the best places for city-rest is already your favorite.

Paradise Pool Menu

Let’s look at one of the most important phenomena of the time, COVID-19. The situation with the virus has shocked the whole world and changed our lifestyle. It seems like the stress and daily tension has become an integral part of the day, and this situation has forced people to change their diet. Now we need to include a healthy lifestyle and foods that are rich in vitamins in our diet because a strong immune system is one of the best ways to fight any virus. However, we should not forget about the importance of our mental health, which means not forgetting about leisure and entertainment. The team of Green Palace cares about the health of each client and does everything possible to prevent further spread of the virus.

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