Culture of Sauna and the guarantee of health | Green Palace

Culture of Sauna and the guarantee of health | Green Palace

Date: 21/01/2021

Sauna is a perfect option for getting rid of stress, relax, and heal. From classic times, various nations have created their versions of saunas. The old Russians, for example, simply adored saunas as they had a small bath in their houses. They even have a special quote: The owner in the village is the one who has the best bath.

The old Russian saunas (banya) had special wooden structures where people were cleaned, treated, and even performed special rituals and divinations. That is why Russian saunas are still used for medicinal purposes.


The temperature in the sauna reaches up to 100°C, which helps to quickly remove excess fluid from the body.

Steam and heat dilates skin pores and removes toxins from the body. As a result, skin becomes smooth, firmer, and without cellulite.

The essential advantage of Russian saunas is the broom stokes which are made from various medicinal herbs.

There was a time in ancient Russia when brooms had a special period of cultivation and preparation, due to which they retained all their useful properties. These traditions stay stable till today.

They put pre-adapted brooms into the water and enrich them with a pleasant aroma, this process becomes unique aromatherapy and the broom stokes helps to improve the blood circulation of the skin, make the skin healthier, smoother, and velvety.

One of the biggest benefits of a sauna is the removal of excess fluid from the body, which helps to lose weight quickly.

The ancient Armenians had their version of the sauna: they were located in Garni (2-3rd centuries), Dvin (6-7th centuries), Amberd (10-11th centuries). Over time they also accepted the sauna cultures of other nations.

Unlike many other types of saunas, Hammam is characterized by a lower temperature: 30-50 degrees and very high humidity up to100%.

Low temperatures and high humidity does not cause displeasure, at the same time it helps prevent the occurrence of some respiratory, nervous, and cardiovascular problems. 


There is a large stone bench in the hammam, which is warmer than the environment, lying on which due to the heat, you immediately feel a charming calm.

One of the most important rituals of the Eastern sauna is the special Hammam massage which helps to forget about the pains of the body and just cut off from reality.

The massage process includes a cheerful scrub massage, which helps to exfoliate and revive the skin, after that perform a gentle foam massage is serving. The abundant pre-made foam is gently spread through massage. Special attention is paid to facial massage. It is a common tradition in the East for women to visit the sauna before the marriage, they spend several hours there. They enjoy sauna processes, relax, and talk.


It is important to note that both Russian and Eastern saunas help to get rid of several health problems, including muscular, skin, cardiovascular, and respiratory problems.

To make the sauna more pleasurable, we offer a variety of massages with natural scrubs, sponge massage, foam massage, and Hammam massage, after the whole process you will be reborn and will forget about fatigue or body aches.

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