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How to spend a productive vacation in Armenia

Date: 07/05/2021

After each vacation, almost all of us realize that we still need a vacation. For an additional vacation sometimes a weekend is enough, if you plan it in advance. Many people prefer short trips for family vacations, and there are a number of high-class hotels in Yerevan, one of which is the Green Palace.

 Many people think that the perfect vacation is only in summer, but we will break all the stereotypes about vacations. So, let's go.

Many times we have talked about what you can do with us if you decide to relax completely. In our blog, we have talked about all types of entertainment that you can do and fill your day with us. Sometimes just skip active rest, spend your free days in an environment that will give you both physical and psychological peace of mind.

Combine the pleasant and useful with an affordable vacation. Enjoy the Russian and Finnish sauna in Yerevan with its full procedure, from broom stokes to various types of massage: scrub, foam, etc. Finnish and Russian saunas have a centuries-old history, they are useful for our life and health. Read more about the benefits of hammam, Russian banya and the whole procedure here.

At Green Palace, you can devote time to your hobbies that you still haven't found time for: The atmosphere here is very conducive. Learn new languages or a profession, or maybe you want to watch all the movies or TV series that have been on your must-watch list for a long time, but you still do not have time to watch them. And if you do not have a favorite movie list, then we will offer you a list of movies that will interest you. 

  1. Emily in Paris (TV Series)
  2. The Nest
  3. Black Box
  4. The Queen’s Gambit (TV Series)
  5. The Gift
  6. The Gentlemen
  7. The Trial of the Chicago 7
  8. The Invisible Man
  9. Pain & Glory
  10. Money Heist (TV Series)

 Of course, the list is not limited to this, you can definitely enjoy the movies you prefer on widescreen TV. At Green Palace we provide all the services that all our guests are looking for։ a luxury hotel, resort area in the city with the best service, cottages with garage, wooden Russian sauna, massage, water attractions, billiards, swimming pools, outdoor hot jacuzzi with sea salt, delicious and diverse menu.

Come to forget about your daily worries and responsibilities, be filled with new and fresh energy.

Of course, a vacation or a weekend should be spent so that the impressions and memories last long. So, we are waiting for you at Green Palace, life is different here.

For reservations call 010 207707. We look forward to seeing you at 57 Myasnikyan Avenue.